What’s XAPK file? How to install the Android phone?

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The APK appeared previously, but more recently appeared extension is XAPK and is slowly popularized other Android app stores. The XAPK file is actually still an APK but compresses both of the app’s data. However, you can’t install these files directly on your device in the normal way.

So what is XAPK File?

Putting the app on Play is not easy, one of many restrictions is the file size, usually must be less than 100 MB in size. It’s a pretty big challenge for high-tech games and app developers. Therefore, they settle by giving separate APK files or merging OBB files and graphics data in another file. This is also the reason that the game with high graphics such as Asphalt 9 and PUBG download additional files when run for the first time.

Another workaround is to pack everything in a compressed folder and the XAPK file that appears from here. XAPK is the new format for packing Android apps and games. As I mentioned above, this file will be compressed to accommodate both the OBB APK and cache file.

When it comes to the security of the device, you must be cautious for APK files. Since the installation from unknown sources can damage the device and help hackers take control of the remote or steal the data. Should look for XAPK files from a trusted source. One of the best places to download XAPK is Pure APK. But before downloading let’s take a look at the origins and reviews of other users.

Advantages of XAPK file:

File XAPK has many benefits, larger applications are likely to use this format. You can download data from the Internet by downloading only once and then switch to your phone or other tablet saves huge time. If noticed, the file download speed buffer in the application often quite slow. But this way, can reduce the time to load. Also, the problems of the application is not supported on national as well be overcome.

Installing files on Android XAPK:

Unlike normal APK files, you can not access the phone’s File Explorer and click XAPK file to install. There should be another way or a separate installation and application of the best available is APKMODI.

1. Install XAPK files through APKMODI

The advantage of APKMODI is simple and easy to understand, the application will automatically scan through the internal memory of the phone and list all APK files and XAPK.

So what you need is to the APP management > APK/XAPK Management and click on the Install button. That’s simple!

Depending on the capacity for which the installation is fast or slow. Once done, you can access just like any other app loaded from the CHPlay.

2. Install XAPK through the file Manager

This will be more steps than installing with the APKPure app (and a little more complex). But if you don’t want to install another app, this is the way for you. Instead of downloading the XAPK file directly on your phone, you can download it on your PC or Laptop and move it to your phone.

Step 1: When you have finished downloading the XAPK file, go to File Manager (or File Explorer) and change the file extension to. zip

Step 2: Then, hold select unpack files, while extracting the finished displays two main files – Android APK files and folders.

Step 3: Click the folder Android> OBB folder, then copy and paste this file in the OBB folder on OBB (located in the internal memory of Android).

What's XAPK file? How to install the Android phone?

Step 4: Once done, install the APK file as you normally would.


If the file download the latest XAPK and no new updates, the application will use the time to be instantly without having to download additional buffer file again

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