Namco Bandai publisher has released a trailer Tales of new titles for platforms Crestoria Mobile Carry the RPG elements of traditional, through the trailer can see Tales of Crestoria retains the core elements make up its brand, battles in the game show style fighting classic turn exquisite and very typical of JRPG series. The game had been announced around the end of last year, only to see a few pictures little inside the game, until this year we admire information, new photos, the official trailer of this game Namco Bandai released by the Entertainment announced. Previously there used to launch Tales of Rays but for some reason in terms of personnel, quality titles have been closed in May 2018.

Bandai Namco’s new project aims to conquer the mobile gaming market in the world through his pet, although it is coming here that this game will have a version of Tales of Arise for the PlayStation 4 and the PC is highly expected at the beginning Year 2020. With thorough preparation, Tales of Crestoria takes the player to a darker, more serious storyline color instead of choosing the bright colour tone and a straight storyline. The theme revolves around “betrayal and blood” which is mentioned in the title of the premiere 2018 logo. Included in the game will be three main characters, possessing a rather monstrous personality when they are affected and raised in a world full of crimes.

In-game content Tales of Crestoria

Through the perspective of Kanata’s character, his world people are always arrested to bring an object to control, track their actions, if they do anything wrong through it will be sentenced and executed cannot be escaped. Kanata himself was the only child of the village head, who operated an orphanage and wished to build good feelings with Misella.

In that fateful night, the tragedy that happened to Misella, Kanata is now forced to fight and become a sinner to save the person you love. At the end, he left Misella to become the murderer to save his life. And it was inevitable that the view was watched from the beginning, and the two were soon judged to be dangerous criminals, known as Transgressor. They sent the best guys on the board to find the couple to punish, to treat the couple Kanata and the Misella.

Game mechanics Tales of Crestoria

The gameplay mechanics of Tales of Crestoria will inherit the familiar, classic turn-on combat element, featured in the Tales series, each of which will now have distinct skills fitted. Besides, it possesses the ultimate skill entitled “Mystic Arte”. There is another interesting detail in the game that the weapons will be red of blood, because according to the content of the plot they are “Blood Sins” The weapons are born from blood and hatred. The version will have English for Mobile.

Tales of Crestoria

The new trailer introduces more about the main plot that takes place, with the story on the side, the characters returning from the familiar series such as Lloyd, Ruteeh, Velvet,… The same number of new characters will appear in the game. Tales of Crestoria will be released for iOS and Android devices worldwide, and the game will have both English and Japanese versions for the western and Japanese markets, when our launch will be known early in the month of 4/2020. Don’t forget to follow up Game4V us for the earliest news update.

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