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NameRovercraft 2
Latest Versionv0.3.0
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Rovercraft 2 is a fast game with the theme of assming and crossing terrain. The game requires the creativity and thinking of players to overcome the tasks set. The context that takes place in the game is the surface of different planets. The game will give you the equipment and research department to transport. Your task is to assemble the small pieces into a car. Take advantage of all you have and go to conquer the stars.

Developer Mobirate has created Rovercraft 2 mod apk to give players a new relaxing game. The game is built on the foundation of physics and dynamics. Obstacles and pitfalls on the road will not be easy for you to overcome them. You need to study and calculate the road to pass to assemble the parts reasonable. In-game maps and challenges will be unlocked as you complete the mission. Conquering the stars is always our dream. Design yourself a car and fulfill your dreams now. Overcome all obstacles and challenge your limits to find the best path.

Rovercraft 2 is a fast game with the theme of assuming and crossing terrain.Game requires the creativity and thinking of players to overcome
Rovercraft 2 is a fast game with the theme of assuming and crossing terrain.Game requires the creativity and thinking of players to overcome

Download Rovercraft 2 mods – Conquer the Stars

Since Rovercraft 2 is an entertaining game, the developer also creates a very simple gameplay. The objective of the game is to overcome challenges on the paths you go through. Assemble what you have in the inventory to create a one-of-a-space car to help you overcome all difficulties. Mastering your own car is a unique experience. Overcoming obstacles along the way also requires your control skills. Fuel is also a part you need to pay attention to. You need to calculate carefully at the start of each trip. Choose for your car the right parts for each road to pass.

Highly entertaining gameplay

Game is not limited to the number of times you can play. So you can study the obstacles in each path you need to overcome. Test and assemble parts of the car to suit the mission. During travel you also need to pay attention to the speed of operation of the car. If you meet the steep slopes that the car goes slowly, it is difficult to overcome. Pay attention to the fuel part of the car, if you are stuck for too long at one point, you will not have enough fuel to reach the destination. Along the way there will be points to fuel your car. If your car installs too many redundant parts, you will waste unnecessary fuel.

In Rovercraft 2 there are many obstacles to prevent the player’s progress. You will need to complete them in order to unlock the planets. Your journey will begin on Earth, and the planets will be unlocked in ascending order. The farther you go to distant planets, the difficulty will also increase significantly. Different planets will also have different weather conditions. Moving surfaces are also getting harder and harder. The goods you need to transport will be more up according to the planets you have crossed. Therefore, the car will become more and more bulky and difficult to move.

Fun game, suitable for all ages
Fun game, suitable for all ages

Choose smart equipment for each trip

In the store of the game will provide users with parts to assemble into the car. You can also earn them after completing the assigned tasks. You will need the coins to upgrade the parts. The coins will fall randomly along the way and you must pick them up. Upgrading the machinery will make the car more powerful. It is possible that the car will not be able to overcome a high slope if equipped with a weak engine. You can also reinforce the car’s sturdyness with ultra-durable metal frames. Equip your vehicle with upgraded parts so that it does not crumble when it collides strongly with the surface of the planets.

If you are passionate about exploring the universe and modeling then Rovercraft 2 is a game you can not ignore. With sharp HD graphics, easy to install with a variety of mobile devices. Game will keep you entertained wherever you are. Stimulate your creativity to deal with everyday work. Download rovercraft 2 mod transformed into a talented astronaut. Show off your driving skills and top-notch thinking to overcome every challenge on distant planets. Discover new things after each trip. Your dream of conquering the universe is in your hands.

Rovercraft 2 MOD APK installation guide

To get the APK MOD and play with the Infinite Money function, you need to delete the old version of your machine. This means that what you plow in the old version will be lost. But do not be too sad because when playing Hack Rovercraft 2, rebuilding the city will be much simpler and faster!

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free download apk unlimited energy for android

To install and download the MOD, please do things such as installing a regular APK file.

  • Delete the original version, the old mod version.
  • Download the Hack version using the link below updated.
  • Install the app. If Android can’t be installed, go to Settings/ Security/ Unknown Origin first, and then turn the option on.
  • Open the game and can enjoy the MOD version.
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Notes: Please select a link to download Rovercraft 2 for free. You can choose the MOD () version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.


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