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Latest Versionv1.5.3
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REFACE is an app for you to edit your photos. Create pictures full of art, stitch together the pictures as you like. REFACE mod apk will make your photos more funny than ever. Change your face that is young to old. Transform you into someone else, pairing your face with celebrity videos. Just take a photo then use the face pairing effect with the most realistic mode. You can choose between thousands of videos of many characters such as singers, actors … Put your face in their faces in their videos and photos. Then share your photos to your friends. Or use it for a variety of your purposes.

REFACE is an app for you to edit your photos. Create pictures full of art, stitch together the pictures as you like.Download free apk mod now
REFACE is an app for you to edit your photos. Create pictures full of art, stitch together the pictures as you like.Download free apk mod now

Get REFACE – Swap Your Face

REFACE makes you a completely different person based on the appearance of the characters. Become a star, an outstanding actor in the hearts of fans. Combine with various gifs and videos to create your own photos. With just a single photo of you can out a lot of other photos. Change your face with photo editing technologies. App will make you a completely different, unique version. Start with app to transform your face based on the videos available.

How to use it

The user takes a photo or chooses to take an existing picture in the gallery. Then select the video you like at the app, after a few seconds you’ll have a photo that changes your face. Replacing your face into an idol that you admire is simple. The usage is not difficult, creating a lot of photos according to different faces. Paired with famous singers, comedians, even heroes. All will bring interesting swaps for you. Change your face, add more good experiences at REFACE.

Theme video

In the home part of the app, there are countless videos to choose from. Divided into clear items for you to easily select and search. With videos by many famous artists such as Tom Cruise, Jack Sparrow, Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. It’s your chance to dress up in their hair and clothes. There are also gifs from Tenor, use it and change your face. Just choose a video you like, it will turn you into a new version.

Attractive application, create special images to share with friends
Attractive application, create special images to share with friends

Analyze your face

REFACE can analyze every detail on your photo, creating the most accurate. Swap other people’s faces into your own. Based on modern photo editing technology, help you take good photos. Make your video appear not blurry, boldest. In just a few seconds time, you’ve got the photo you want. Don’t have to spend hours editing photos. App is really convenient to bring you a great experience.

Photo editing mode

The app helps you get the most realistic photos with Deepfake technology. Technology will keep your photos from being rigid. The facial expressions are flexible, incarnation into the characters in a dynamic way. Become a master of editing to create unique and strange photos. REFACE mod will not disappoint you when using. Please change your face and graft it into famous faces. Stay up to date with the latest videos so you can keep up with the trend.

Create fun photos that transform your face. Use your pictures to replace the faces of your fans. REFACE will bring pictures with results that surprise you. No more imagining your face on celebrity looks. Download app to become the face swap master.

Some information and requirements of REFACE mod game

  • Support android 4.1 and up.
  • Shared version: 1.5.3
  • Capacity: 18MB.
  • Google Play (original link): Game REFACE for Android.
  • The app does not need an Internet connection (fully offline) and expands the REFACE mod without rooting.
  • App is still being updated by the game company on Google Play.
Free download apk unlocked all for android
Free download apk unlocked all for android

You can see, this game is not required in Android operating system at all. Almost all android phones today can fight this app. I’ve tested the app before, I’ve played very smoothly. The game has extremely attractive gameplay. Let’s download it and enjoy it.

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Notes: Please select a link to download REFACE PRO for free. You can choose the MOD () version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.


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