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NamePlague INC
Latest Versionv1.16.3
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Plague Inc. is a game made and developed by It was also the game’s producer who released the game Bowmasters that he introduced earlier. If you like, you can check it out. For the game part of this article, it shares more popularity in the free game community at recent times of epidemic. The game is highly realistic, which makes it possible for players to have good tactics that can be won.

Those of you who want to download Plague Inc mod apk full about Android phones, pull down the section below to download. The download link and installation instructions are available for everyone. Make sure anyone can do it simply. This is just a bit of information related to this game only. Because this is purely a gentle game, there is nothing to care about.

A short video below will help you to get a better understanding of the game. Especially those you’ve never played through but want to find out.

Plague Inc MOD Apk

Introduced Plague INC

Plague INC is a strategy and logic game in which players need to create viruses, improve it with the help of DNA glass and, ultimately, spread a deadly infection around the world until the human species finds vaccines from it, while picking up strategic vaccines on their own.

Made outstanding with innovative gameplay and built from the platform for touchscreen, Plague Inc. From developer Ndemic Creations develops the strategy genre and pushes mobile games (and you) to new levels. It elephants you against the world – only the most powerful can survive.

Featured Game Features

  • Stunning HD graphics with highly polished interface (guaranteed infection)
  • Surreal world, high detail with advanced AI (flare management)
  • Comprehensive in-game instruction and Help system (I am legally helpful)
  • 12 different types of ailments with completely different strategies to master (12 Monkeys)
  • Full Save/Load function (28 Save later)
  • More than 50 countries infect, hundreds of traits to grow and thousands of world events to adapt to the (epidemic development)
  • Full game support for transcripts and achievements
  • Update expands more mind controlling Neurax Worm, zombie-producing Necroa Virus, running speed and real-life scenarios.

Request and information game Plague INC.

As I had introduced at the top, this is purely a gentle game that fits weak configuration phones. I tried the game on the Android phone. It’s good to play. The Game too is gentle. Some of the information below if you like it, you can read it.

As a strategy and logic game in which the player needs to create a virus, and spread it
As a strategy and logic game in which the player needs to create a virus, and spread it

Some information and requirements of the game Plague INC MoD full apk

  • Support for installation on models running Android 4.1 or later.
  • Share version: 1.16.3.
  • File size: 53 MB.
  • The game does not require Internet connection (offline completely) and unwind mod Plague Inc. No root required.
  • Plague Inc. is still being updated by the game’s latest version on Google Play.

I have shared at the beginning of the article is going to have 2 copies of this game, 1 is English, 2 is free. You like which one to download and what to put on. The English version gives it a hard try, just playing and learning always: v. I will play all the way, hehe. I hope you’ll love this game that you share.

When a new version is available, people remember to remind themselves of the update. Because it manages to manage a lot of different games, it can’t be remembered. I hope you sympathetic help this problem. If there’s something to ask about the game, leave it to 1 name under the comments to be able to review and update the earliest for everyone to experience.

Plague INC Mod Installation Guide

  1. If your phone is installing a original game or MOD from other sources, you need to uninstall it.
  2. Download the APK file under the shared link.
  3. Turn on allow app settings from unknown sources on phone settings.
  4. Install downloaded APK file in step 2.
  5. Enjoy this MOD game.
Interesting game, different style
Interesting game, different style

Download Plague Inc Mod Full APK for Android phone

Below you have 2 download links that have all been unlocked by the MOD. You remember that you only choose 1 in 2 to download the game. To avoid errors exceeding the download limit, you remember to sign in to your Google account and use the Chrome browser. If 404 error is detected, notify yourself by a comment down below the article so that it can be checked and corrected in the fastest way.

To install the game, simply open the APK file and select Install as done. When a new version is available, go back here to download the latest version and install it immediately. Thus the game will be updated but also the old raw data is playing.

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Download Plague INC MOD APK


Notes: Please select a link to download Plague INC for free. You can choose the MOD () version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.


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