Need For Speed Heat the return of the Hero

Admin, Friday, January 3, 2020

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Speaking of a pinnacle of Need for Speed series, Underground 2 is truly the best game of all. With good graphics, a large open world, and online integration make it the version that players most want to reboot. After more than 15 years of existence, a new version with the same approach was released, called “Heat”. This is a good idea when there is a combination and inheritance between a valid old formula and new points of modern times.

Bet Off The Game

Participating in the Heat races can be considered a grand bet. In the game, racing and making money is really easy with $ 25,000 for a daytime race. However, if you want your car to be equipped with more accessories to make it stronger, risk racing on the board to increase your influence with the commodity dealers. Why is that? That year in the “Heat” mechanism is added in the game.

Need For Speed Heat
Need For Speed Heat

Through night races, you will probably progress faster with the Heat scale because its coefficient will be able to increase to a maximum of x5. However, if you ignore the difficulty of the track, then the police is your biggest barrier. In this bet, if you win, you will have everything, and if caught, you will not only lose the entire reward of the race but also lose the multiplier on the Heat bar that you have to work hard to gain. You can decide for yourself a safer solution to get the results you want, but having the highest level of challenge will add to the excitement.

Need For Speed Heat review game

However, this mechanism still has many shortcomings when considering the danger at a higher coefficient. In addition, Heat’s gameplay takes players a lot of time to know what is needed to upgrade the car without giving a hint during the game. Although adding some challenging elements on the track, but in general it is still very difficult to keep the “heat” of the player.

Environment and feeling in the game

Although the driving method has hardly changed compared to the basic Need For Speed games, the feeling of the steering wheel is now really much heavier. The drift mechanism has been changed to make it easier for players to perform drifts at tight corners easily when using the parking brake, even when running at low speeds. Although the movements of the car in all circumstances are very solid and smooth, but Heat tends to “ease” the challenges of simplifying the city to cater for an unrealistic acceleration. International.

Need For Speed Heat sport game

The image filter of the previous versions has been removed by the manufacturer, making the image sharper but lacking the urban atmosphere. However, the Palm City in the game is still a big city with lots of advanced architecture and modern colors. However, what this city lacks is its residents because when entering the race, it will be almost only you and your companion. And this makes the game very boring

Rotation In Game

Need For Speed Heat image in game

Overall, Palm City is a modern city with a hustle and bustle in the heart of its architecture. During the day, you can see great buildings such as observatories, mines, laser show platforms and rocket launchers. And at night, you will be immersed in a colorful world of street lights and the police are hunting you very closely. However, as mentioned above, the absence of human presence, though compensated by the operation of vehicles, Heat still shows itself to be empty from the inside and again, reflects EA‘s lack of subtlety

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

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