How to make your Android phone run faster

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You buy a phone and a few months later you realize it’s no longer as fast as the new purchase. That’s the problem most smartphone users have. The article below will guide you through how to speed up your smartphone when you buy

1. Use the Files Go app to clean up memory

Google’s file Management app – Files Go is great. It not only detects unused files and apps, but also lets you easily transfer or delete them.

Sforum-Latest Technology information This simple trick will help your Android phone to run as fast as new machine
This app has a minimalist design with two tabs: storage and files. In the Storage tab, you’ll get an overview of the amount of storage space left on your phone, as well as tips on how to free up space. You’ll also be able to easily clear the data stored in your app’s cache in the Files tab

2. Phone Battery optimization

If you notice the battery of your phone runs out faster than usual. Apps that run in the cloud tend to use out-of-battery, so you need to regularly monitor your phone’s battery usage from settings.

Phone Battery optimization

Go to the > Pin setting to track the faulty app and click Force Stop to prevent that app from running

3. Turn off Notification screen mode

This screen mode will be useful when you want to quickly see incoming notifications without having to unlock your phone, but it comes with a battery life shortage. If you feel the battery lagged while you’re not using it, turn it off, you’ll be able to fix the problem.

4. Turn off Bluetooth when not using

Interrupting connections when not in use will allow you to extend the battery life of your phone. The differences may not be much for a connection, but you can use your phone for longer when you turn off all unused connections, such as Bluetooth. However, it’s not recommended to turn off location services because most apps need some location information to run.

5. Do not install the battery optimizer

This may seem paradoxically, but most battery optimization applications are ineffective. These add-ons only remove apps that run hidden and the phone’s cache, but you usually face intrusive ads and even malware.

6. Disable (or uninstall) bloatware and unused apps

As Android Central leads back, most phones in addition to the Pixels and Android One devices have several types of bloatware (additional apps being put into the device by the developer). Thankfully, you can disable or uninstall most of the preinstalled apps on your phone if you don’t use them.

Disable (or uninstall) bloatware and unused apps

Just go to the settings > app to see all the apps installed on your phone. When you find an app that you don’t recognize, uninstall it or disable it. You can also use Files Go to identify unused apps on your phone and delete them when you need it.

7. Move apps to the SD card

Just like on computers, Android phones will run faster and smoother if there is enough memory to use. So, move your device’s settings app to the SD memory card, freeing up the memory space that still uses the app.

Move apps to an SD card
This is very simple, but it’s extremely useful, you just have to enter the settings, tap on the app manager. Then select the app you want to move, then press the switch to SD card is to move the settings to the SD memory card successfully.

8: Close the app using the Back key instead of the Home key

Pressing the Home key while using the application is that you left it in the standby mode, which is not completely disabled, so it continues to consume the phone memory, which makes the phone run slower. We recommend that you choose to close all apps when you’re no longer using just press the Home key to return to the main screen.

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