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If you are having stressful days with lots of works, why don’t you pause and relax for a couple of minutes? There are a wide range of different things you can do in order to reduce stress such as playing sports, reading books, watching movies and films or playing video games. In terms of entertaining games, we highly recommend you Hayday APK MOD, a funny farming game for everyone at every age

About Hayday

Hayday is a freemium mobile farming game that is created by Supercell, a Finnish mobile game development company in Helsinki, Finland. The game was launched for both iOS and Android, which can attract a large number of customers worldwide regardless of smartphones they are using. Since its release, Hayday received a lot of attention of people, earning $30 million per month for Supercell. Thanks to its amazing feature, the game became the 4th highest game in revenue in 2013

Hayday is a freely downloaded game. However, you can still buy the items in the game by your real money. If you do not want to use this function, you can set up a password for purchase in the setting up of your phone. And you also need to connect to the Internet to play Hayday.

Hayday is designed very impressively for a mobile game. The pictures are eye-catching and the tasks are amazing. Once playing this game, you will definitely feel comfortable and satisfied in long hours.

When you have enough XP, you will go to the higher level/ Ph: pinterest.com

Regarding Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Hayday is only allowed users to download if they are 13 years old or above. This may somehow help prevent small kids from getting addicted to game online. Hayday also has a guideline for parents which provides parents with the best available information about the safety of the game. Therefore, parents can understand more about Hayday to controll and support their children.

In case you come across a problem, you need to report the developers as soon as possible. First, open the game’s chat. Next, search for the message and tap at it, write down your problems and then click “ report”. Another way to report an issue is via an email. You can send all your concerns to the given email on the website. And the supporting team will definitely try to contact you in the shortest time.

How to play Hayday?

In order to play the game, users will play as a real farmer who take responsibility of caring the whole farm. There is a scarecrow at the beginning of the game which will teach the player how to harvest wheat. Then, if you are new to this game, you just need to follow this instruction to complete your tasks.

When you sell crops, you will earn coins that are used to purchase production buildings, decoration items as well as pets. You will earn XP (experience points) after finishing one task. And when you have enough XP, you will go to the higher level.

When you are getting used to the game, you will be introduced to Angus, who has the responsibility to teach you about fishing. Before that, a character named Greg will also come to your farm to request products or put them into his “roadside shop” that you can purchase. This game can be played with other people. You can invite your friends to join and create the neighborhoods. Or else, you can find someone having the same farm and make friends with them. Then, you can assist each other when anyone needs help. In case you are a little bored or want to call for help, you can even chat with your partners during the game

Download Hayday Game

[appbox googleplay id=com.supercell.hayday]

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