Fallout Shelter MOD APK is one of the best community rated games, with over 10 million downloads, 3 million reviews, and especially the community that is very well connected.

Why is Fallout Shelter so popular?

Review Fallout Shelter, this is a great build and strategy game and attracts players, from game content to image quality in the game, sound in the game, and many other parts that make players always tend to deeper understanding, enabling game players to tend to create unique ideas in their manager role

Fallout shelter mod
Fallout shelter mod

With the Fallout shelter you will play the role of a talented operator, in other words you will be the boss of a small town. You need to hire people to work for you daily, in this game it is an interesting thing to bring the intuitive feelings into the game. If you are a bad boss who makes you unhappy, will lead to immediate consequences, the job will not follow your wishes, and the inevitable here is that gold coins will not be as much as You desire,

Fallout shelter
  • In addition to being the boss, you also act as a genuine merchant, when you can sell agricultural products, jewelry and thousands of other things. Your task is to get people to buy your products so you can become a true rich boss!
  • Guarantor for his people and army!
     When you hire someone to work for you, you also have to take responsibility for them, from making sure that your troops and servants are always happy and guaranteed to be safe, not letting soldiers dispute with other people’s resources. How to do that, the simple thing you need to build a strong defense system for your city
  • Not stopping there, you need to be an excellent financial manager, need to balance your fuel resources, food, food to ensure the happiness of employees. your job, that they don’t have to starve to join you!

And there are many other interesting things that we have not mentioned yet, if you want to explore it, please download the game and experience to see those interesting things.

Gaming Interface!

This is a mobile game quite interesting, easy to play, and needs thinking computing. The game developer has also invested a lot of enthusiasm and image of the game, very sharp and can not be confused with another game.

Some terms in the game

Strength: is a person capable of withstanding high intensity, so the best position is the power plant, nuclear generator.
Perception: High awareness they will handle and should do in water treatment plants.
Endurance: being careful should explore or produce Nuka Cola.
Charisma: due to their charm, they have a high reputation so their position requires good communication as radio.
Intelligence: People with high intelligence should work in the field of health or scientific laboratories. Agility: The dynamic and high agility suit restaurants.
Luck: High luck means better ‘craze’ opportunities, and also gives you better while out in the wasteland.

Fallout shelter mod apk has nothing
mod apk

Fallout shelter mod apk has nothing

The mod version will give you full gold coins, fuel and everything else is full, but it will also cause boredom when playing the game, so we recommend that you play the game properly for a good experience. Best

Conclusion about the game

The game does not stop at an exciting simulation game, but it is an exciting miniature world for you to experience.

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