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Archero is a game made and developed by Habby. The previous products of this gamer are quite quality but have not left much impression in the mobile gaming community. But with the launch of this game last year, more precisely in March 2019 stirred foreign players. And spread to Vietnam in May soon after. So why is this game so attractive? You must have played it before you know it.

Because this game has just launched about a short time until I write this tutorial. Therefore, there may be many of you who have never played before. As I see, if you like, try this game and feel it. The game currently has more than 10 downloads on the play, which is really growing very fast. For those who want to Archero mod apk full damage now and always drag down to the bottom to download. There are already tutorials and download links for everyone. Make sure anyone can do it. This part is just about the game from my personal point of view.

The products of this gamer are quite quality but have not left much impression in the mobile gaming community
The products of this gamer are quite quality but have not left much impression in the mobile gaming community

Hero of the Bow

In Archero, the player will role-play an archer hero against and defeat the wave of demons. In general, the plot is not much, what is worth saying in this game is how it works as well as the features of the game.

Get to the main issue, too. The simple operation when playing the game is to move and stand still. That’s right, there are only two major operations. It’s simple, isn’t it? When moving, the character can not attack. As soon as he stands still, the character uses his attack. Attack speed is a pretty important deciding factor.


We’ll talk about weapons in this part. When you first enter the game, the weapon that people use is usually the bow. This Archero mod game has a variety of weapons for players. The quality of weapons can be upgraded by selecting more skills as the character leveled up.

To this day, there is no full-money Archero mod for Android phones. Therefore, owning all kinds of weapons at a glance is hard to do. But don’t worry, with this full-damage menu mod, it’s perfectly possible to clean up the monster quickly to make money. In the difficulty, you can fully practice the level of dodging as well as increase your reflexes when playing the mod that you share, kaka.

Attractive game attracting millions of downloads around the world
Attractive game attracting millions of downloads around the world


The skill feature part in this game I will tell you. Long article too afraid people have not read, kaka. There are many different features in the game that players can choose from every time they level up when destroying monsters. Sometimes passing fixed screens will be rewarded with extra rewards. In addition, players can unlock with money the default skills for the character. This feature is quite similar to the I share on the web. You can refer to it, the game is also very good.

The things I shared above are just some part of this game. To understand the fun and attractiveness of the game, you need to download the Archero mod and experience it in your own way. Hopefully people will have some time to have entertainment with this game that I share.

Archero game requirements and information

Another highlight of this game is that it is very gentle. With simple graphics, eye-catching, the gameplay is simple but very interesting and attractive. You do not need to worry about the configuration of your Android phone at all. I’ve tested the game on my leprosy machine, played smoothly. For those of you who have weak machines can still play.

Some information and requirements of the Archero MOD full damage (mod menu)

  • Support for installation on android 5.0 or higher models.
  • Shared version: 2.2.3.
  • Capacity: 103 MB.
  • Google Play (original link): Game Archero for Android.
  • The game does not need an Internet connection (fully offline) and expands the Archero hack without root.
  • The game is still being updated by the game company the latest version on Google Play.
free download apk hack full damage
free download apk hack full damage

Download the Archero Hack Full Damage for Android Phones (Mod Menu)

As I shared above, currently this game only has a damage mod. Therefore, I share with you this mod menu to facilitate the toggle of the mod. It’s pretty comfortable to want to play as normal as well as a hit to plow the money. You notice that when you turn on the mod, the monster can also one hit you. Eat it all, fall back to the new game, kaka. When there is a full-money mod, I will inform and update later. If there is a problem with the download link, report it to yourself so that you can fix it as quickly as possible.

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Notes: Please select a link to download Archero for free. You can choose the MOD () version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.


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